Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lads to Leaders Louisville 2014

Okay... This weekend is not all
About Cade. BUT he is doing so well. I am so thankful for that.

His first time swimming. When he first saw him in January.. He told His doctor and all his nurses that he was being adopted by a family with lots of kids, a big house and a big pool. Well we do have lots of kids and a pretty big house.. But no pool.

He was a little scared but had a blast.

Loved the hot tub.

Love pushing his sisters in the tub.

Loved when his dad got in...:)
Loved watching how brave his sister was in the tub too!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3 weeks HOME!!

I can't believe he has been home for three weeks. Home.. And not sick in the hospital. Not one time!:)

Tons of selfies all over my IPhone. Love them!

Goofing off before his ultrasound. He has done incredible at each test he has had. Played quietly for a 35 minute ultrasound... Slept through a 45 minute echocardiogram... Ignored his heart monitor for 24 hours. Incredible!

He is such a joy!!! My great 'adoption' friend Karen sent him an awesome truck book and magnetic blocks to help entertain him at his many doctor appointments. He was so happy with his truck book.. He even kissed it. He is such a sweetie pie.

Goofing off with Appa..

He was not so happy when his older siblings all had music lessons and he didn't. He tried and tried to get his hands on a violin. I made him sit still and he played a little. He also loves to sit and watch Chloe play her piano.

We decided after 3 weeks it was time to let him Skype with one of his Amsa Ommas. He was so cute and excited. He showed her all his toys and his bed and his snacks. She told me she was so happy he seemed so healthy and happy. 

And tonight he fell asleep.. Touching my arm. We had played around but sometimes when it's time to be serious and fall asleep... He would rather be alone. But tonight his little hand slipped up on my arm. Love this baby boy so much!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Home sweet home

Finally when I didn't have 4 other Ommas to compete with.. I got him! He rides 'aboobah' many times a day.
Water entertainment.
The mess.
Gets messier.
First time Chloe got to hold Cade. She was almost in tears!
Lots of sleeping.
Cute bath time!! We need  boy towel!
Mommy time!
Fun times with Appa!!
We don't do much disciplining in the first few months home unless there is injury to another child. Then it is a simple No and time out. Which is all it takes. And this happens..
And the seaweed!
Neighbors were putting on a great show!
My little baby Hyunsoo.
Family of 9:)
A little more pouting...
He is going to rock homeschooling.
Lots of selfish on my phone!:)
The last 10 days have been incredible. He has grieved his loss somewhat. He has done fabulous. I feel so blessed that he was so prepared to come to our home. He knew everyone by name and who they were to him.
He has by far been the smoothest transition yet into our family. He just goes with the flow. We have been trying to stay in as much as possible other than doctor visits which have been plenty. But he wants to GO GO GO. We may try church next week. And maybe a haircut today.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014

One last HooRah at Namdamun Market

So I ran out of deodorant in Korea.

We did find some sort of liquid deoderant at EMart but after some googling I found you can buy Imported goods in an underground market.. Ahhhhh let's go! Sounds exciting to me!

First set of Stairs..

Second send set of.. Well.. More of a ramp.

An odd mixture of things.. Un-refrigerated  things.

But we found deoderant.. Now on to the better part of Namdamun.

Little girl accessories!! Hello heaven!!

Some are more than others. I held out and found some for 500 won.

And a glimpse into heavens gate right here..


A nice salesman.. Offered actually insisted I try dried squid. Which I politely did.
There is a man at our church and when he eats some seafood... His face blows up like a blowfish. I don't eat any seafood.. So I was afraid my face could explode just like his... But alas it didn't.

We saw him again.. Today. That friendly man said he knew I love Korea so much.. And today insisted I try a dried persimmon.. Tasty. Better than the squid. Haha

Fourth Times a Charm Part 2..

Market shopping... My favorite.

Insadong.. Is Insadong. Souvenirs... Fun items. Local Amethyst and Jade. Street food. Below are some snow globes in found for a friend... Around $20.

Myeongdong market--- TOY alley... Not as big as I had thought from reading other blogs. But best prices by far on Korea character toys.

Fabric. My friend Robin asked me to get her some fabric if we made it over here.

So we went.
We saw.
We failed.

I can shop with the best of them.
I Black Friday shop all night.
I can 'work' a Joanns like no other.
But Robin... I failed.

The overwhelming amount. Amount of people. The wall to wall fabric on top of each other was too much for this ADHD /OCD and about to have PSTD from this adoption process mama to handle. 

I am not kidding. There were 50-60 booths of fleece. 50-60 booths for wool. 50-60 booths for vinyl. 50-60 booths for buttons.

I failed you Robin... And I apologize.��

Maybe on a future moms trip to Seoul... You can show me your ways.

Where I did not fail.. Is Shoe alley. 
A little bit of heaven on earth.
Row after row.. Store after store of shoes.
Girls shoes were $7 and the Pororo shoes were $20 but they light up.
The girls shoes were in cardboard boxes. They had $5 boxes...$7 boxes.. $10 boxes.
I love to dig for a treasure.

Still deciding on these chevron shoes if we should return for them or not.

I just love them but want 3 pairs.. Maybe.��
I forgot to price them.

Namdamun--- my favorite.

We have been there about 5-6 times this trip. Different entrances are like entirely different markets.

Tomorrow we venture into the underground Import market for a necessity item. I will blog that later.

Below.. This adorable cost $5!! I love the piles of clothing in the center(kiosk position).. Many locals all gathered around.. A $5 sign sticking up out of the middle... Much smaller than me Korean women sitting in the middle throwing out sizes. Love love love it.

Like I said.. Love it!!!! 
Girl mamas..
Leggings..skirts.. Ruffled tops. 
I love korean kids clothes!!