Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is he yours?

Do you think some orphans cry themselves to sleep at night? 

Do you think they look longingly at other families that are passing by?

Do you ever wonder what an orphan is thinking when they are returned? For not being perfect? For not being good enough? For not looking a certain way?

There is a little boy upstairs in my house right now... He doesn't have a mom or dad committed to him yet.

It's storming,  so I went to check on the kids. This little boy is sleeping soundly. He is laying on his side, snuggling his teddy bear..... I just watched him sleep for a moment. I wondered what was he thinking as he laid his little head down. What was his last thought before dozing off?

He ran into my daughters room earlier and said... Where is daddy? Which he calls my husband..:( he was so worried because he couldn't find him. He seemed to be in a panic.

What will happen when he returns to Chln@ in a few days? Will he be in a panic all alone? Will someone comfort him? Will someone give him a reassuring hug and tell him a family will come?

I am praying like never before for his family to please step forward... I thought it would be 'fun' to step forward and offer respite for this family. I hate this. I am broken hearted. 

He is adorable. Loves his chopsticks. Speaks English and understands it. Sleeps with 3 teddy bears. Loves video games and swimming. Goes to bed easy and sleeps all night.

He would do great in most any family. He loves kids. He is so awesome with our little kids. We have a son with a PICC line, he was so gentle when he saw that. He is very helpful. 

He is 7 years old. If you are interested.. Please contact Gre@t W@ll adoption agency.:)

Friday, July 11, 2014

~My First~

It's hard to believe that my baby girl is 18... The one who made me a mother.
My most favorite job in the world.
Best ever job, if you ask me.

18 years ago today....I gave birth to this pink bundle of joy.
Born with a headful of blonde hair and a bright smile.
Quiet, sweetest, most snuggly baby.
Sat up at 5 1/2 months.
Walked at 10 months.
Always a shining star.

Chloe has always been what you might call the perfect baby...toddler...child...preteen and teenager. She has never caused us to worry about what her main focus was..which was God.

She continues to make us proud with her first decisions as an adult. For her graduation gift, we agreed to pay for a mission trip anywhere she wanted to go. She desperately wanted to go on a medical mission. She was super responsible and found one that an old church friend was in charge of. She made the contacts and will be leaving for the Dominican Republic in a few weeks. She will also be headed back to The City of Children in Ensenda, Mexico in August.

But an even bigger choice...She decided to attend a very conservative christian college where she will major in Nursing and minor in medical missions.

Could a mom want anything else?
I feel truly blessed to have a wonderful, mature, beautiful and responsible daughter.
We love you, Chloe Jade!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

{One Year Ago}-- Announcement

One year ago .. Today. We met the most precious, shy, scared 11 year old I have ever met. What we thought would be 'simply' a mission trip in our home by hosting an orphan in our home.

We quickly knew this child was ours... Within days. I knew.. I had to bring her home to STAY.

BUT she wasn't available for adoption....


Last week... I told my husband... Something bad is going to happen before we get Gina's file. He asked me what? I said I bet Cade gets sick before her file comes. Satan wants more than anything for us not to adopt again and wants Gina to not have a home.


Yesterday.... The day from hell at the hospital with Cade...out if no where her agency calls me...

We got her referral. Guess who will becoming home in 4-6 months!!! 

You got it!

Gina Joy BingDin

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Grass is always greener....

on the other side.

I think something we should all remember that the grass always MAY appear to be greener on the other side and with social media it sure does appear that way.
We need to remember that these are happy glimpses with a few "in the minute" not so happy glimpses into people lives.

Some people think because I only post the good and he seems to be feeling great in all my pictures. Well that is true I do not post pictures of my son having 15...yes 15 veins collapse or his I.V. infiltrate and cause his hand swell 5 times the size of what it should be.
For example...I posted praise because his bili went down to 2.9....however I haven't posted that it is up 10.9. Or any many other issues we are having.
I personally don't want photos or everyone in my negative business but have no problem having people in my positive business.

Annoying yes..the negative business may be more dramatic and interesting.

But for now..I choose to leave you with smiles and hope for clear blood cultures and healing of his suspected Choloangitis.

God has this...even every little bile duct. He knows when my baby will need a transplant and will work his magnificent plan in ways that will blow my mind.

But until then...we will deal with infections..and Cade's sweet smile.

and another little annoying positive I type this and Cade is playing with his "droppers"....aka medicine syringes. Cade is singing, 
"I love Ga-jok....I love Ga-jok." Music to my ears.
Ga-jok is Korean for family.

A little update: while I was writing this blog. Cades nurse came in.. We have a negative blood culture!! Yay! 2 more and we can go home!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

~Chloe's Graduation Party~

Many many thanks to the many friends and family to show for Chloe's graduation party.

We feel so blessed by having so many family members, church friends, homeschooling friends, co-op friends and neighbors.
Chloe's gorgeous cake... 
Great family= Great help!
We cooked for 2 days straight from pasta salad to macoroni salad to appetizer to desserts...  We fell into bed.
About 50 kids were laughing and playing in my yard.. Not one injury.
Thank you friends and family!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


With each day.. This baby gets cuter and cuter.

I can't put into words how happy I am that he no longer is stuck in a hospital room. 
He is HOME. He can run. He can play. He can be Spider-Man. And he can play daddy to his baby bunny.
He loves his light up scooter.
He loves bible class.. Well he loves going from me (his teacher) in bible class to his daddy outside in the sound booth. But he loves going back and forth.

And he still sucks that thumb every once in awhile. 

I can barely stand the cuteness.

This last photo he asked me to take for Amsa Ommas so I hope they are reading this.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Large Family Organization

I have given myself a 7 day challenge. If I worked this hard all the time I would be a size 2 and pure muscle.

But homeschool is out for summer... And my oldest is graduating. 3 adoptions in 4 years... This house must be pulled apart and put back together.

Here is what I have done so far... I didn't take a before of this shelf. But I assure it was a hot mess. I removed one garbage
Bag from here for garbage or an adoption garage sale for my great friend.

And anything that was in the wrong spot was thrown to this pile. 
Which I quickly removed..:)
The closet... Yes the one you cower atevery time  you open it. 
I first removed everything... And it looked like this in foyer. ��

But all is well and it looks like this now. Thanks to my hubby for building me shelves.
I love before and afters! I must do them more often.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Home 2 months:)

I can't even describe the joy I have that this bundle of sweetness is finally home.

A complete joy.
Complete potty trained.
Quite the shopper.

And wants to be just like daddy...

Be still my heart. The long wait for him to come home was worth every agonizing second.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Smokey Mountain Vacation

One last vacation before our sweet Chloe goes away to college.:(

What a fun and relaxing stay!

Less than 2 months home... Driving a go-cart!

We stayed in a cabin that slept 13.. Yes our oldest 4 still wanted to sleep together and watch movies.

Smokey mountain Alpine coaster--- super fun!

Homeschooling at its finest--the Aquarium!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lads to Leaders Part 3:)

3 of my crazy kiddos!
The moment he had been waiting for since he was 3 years old. A chance to compete... And WIN!
Avah and Mia were on stage as a K-2nd grade participant. They loved being the center of attention. Who would have thought?
Award winning 5th grade team.. Waiting to go on!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lads to Leaders Louisville 2014

Okay... This weekend is not all
About Cade. BUT he is doing so well. I am so thankful for that.

His first time swimming. When he first saw him in January.. He told His doctor and all his nurses that he was being adopted by a family with lots of kids, a big house and a big pool. Well we do have lots of kids and a pretty big house.. But no pool.

He was a little scared but had a blast.

Loved the hot tub.

Love pushing his sisters in the tub.

Loved when his dad got in...:)
Loved watching how brave his sister was in the tub too!!