Saturday, November 15, 2014

Walking around a Minefield...

As we wait for any adoption, as we are now. Not just adoption, but anything in life that Satan hates. We are typically hit pretty hard with some things from Satan.
With us adopting 2 beautiful girls (obviously Heaven sent, look at them):

...The fight keeps coming. 
Satans hit(Gods blessing)
- dishwasher broken(hubby fixed)
-dryer broken(hubby fixed 3 times)
-lost my husbands pension(whatever)
-lost insurance after we retire and missed out because of one 'difference' of my hubby's position to receive the huge buyout which would have paid for the remaining portion of what we need for our adoption.(whatever, God has this)
- found out I have arthritis throughout my back and a bulged disk.(just annoying)
-illnesses... This one has been big so far strep toe, strep throat, impetigo, fever virus ....list goes on and on. (This is the one that sends the doubt. This is where Satan puts that feeling of doubt on me sometimes) and then God always shows me the light. Even with our illnesses and our special needs... My kids are extremely healthy and thriving. Momma just needs to catch her breath every once in awhile.
-unspoken issues( this is the one that is hard for me to handle. I am sensitive. I expect everyone to be nice like most everyone is. Yet when I'm ignored or obviously slighted by someone... I pull back. It's easier to pull back then to continue getting hurt. It's hard to give and give and give... And be ignored. But my Lord.. Knows the feeling far more than I do. So I will praise him in this storm.

Anyway...I feel like I am walking through a mine field. Almost every which way I turn
I am afraid of what I might step on.

But these are just the hits. The lord has been blessing us unbelievably more!

-Our homeschool is ahead of the game. At this point we are over halfway with our History, Government, English and Math programs. Since we plan to take 3 weeks in China and another month off when the girls come home( saying that). We needed to get ahead.

-what I thought was a hit is now a blessing... Our dishwasher leaked causing some water damage that could cause much much more damage if not repaired, our home owners insurance is agreeing to cover the cost.

Our goal is to raise $12,000... Seems big but I am choosing to look at it like this.... That is only 120 $100 bills. And my Auction gave us 30 of those not included all the friends who rounded up their orders. I am thinking with my ornament sales and Camyes artwork. We could get 20 more $100 bills which leaves us with only 70 $100 bills. Not bad, right? We also maybe getting a tshirt designed for us right now.
So exciting! We are putting on our armor

Literally! Ha .. Couldn't resist adding Avah in her armor garb! Doesn't she look cute!

And fighting this we probably have 7-8 weeks left until Travel Approval comes. We have got this!:)

My all time favorite verse, Jeremiah 29:11.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

~Mia turns 6~

I can't even believe my smallest yet second to youngest child is now 6 years old.

Mia Grace Heimee
Best friend: Big sister Avah
Loves: her baby brother Cade
Can't wait for: Gina and Sage to come home
Favorite thing to do: play stuffed animals
Favorite clothes: polka dotted Jeans like Gina

Mia is the most outgoing, spunky, loving, attached little girl I know! She makes a friend everywhere we go. 

She only requested an Olaf to snuggle for her birthday but of course she got a few more things than that. We tried the birthday presents together with Avah... Her Irish Twin... But we weren't crazy about it... So we may switch it back next year.

Mia is severely allergic to gluten and thankfully her favorite kimbap and bulgolgi are just that.

Thanks to grandma and grandpa.. Mia has all sorts of baking tools and she made and decorated her own Gluten free cupcakes.

Lights off---typical Amsa style! She blew out her candles after her wish!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can't wait to see what God has in store for you for your 6th year.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

~~~~~~ LOA~~~!!!

I am so happy to announce LOA (Letter of Acceptance) has been issued and we will be receiving the hard copy hopefully within a few weeks.

This basically means we have been officially accepted to adopt Gina and Sage. This is wait being quoted as 90-120 days of you are adopting 2 and were logged in within a month of your dossier. So here is hope to all who heard this... 

For timeline stalkers: PA was 7/17 and 8/18: DTC 8/22: LID 9/2: OOT 9/12: Soft LOA 11/6
Today is day 65...Now we have approxiamatly 2 months until our Travel Approval. Then we will get a consulate appointment and Go Go GO within a few weeks of TA.

Friday, October 17, 2014

My college girl...

I really can not be prouder of this precious daughter of mine.

Homeschooled for 13 years and making straight A's 13 hours away from mom and dad.
She is loving college life.

The first weekend of October was family weekend. So we decided to take a trip to see her before heading to Kennys parents in Texas. Her college is on the way!

I do love this crew! What a fun two nights we had.
Camye stayed in the dorm with Chloe both nights. And Camye is counting the days until she is goes away to college.
Some things never change. Kenny sent me the above pic while I was taking Chloe, Kianna, Blake, Camye and Kristin to a haunted house. 

For a couple of hours, boys were allowed to enter the girls dorms so our guys took advantage. One more family pic outside her dorm!
And then a goodbye.. With a lot of tears. But we were returning the following weekend for one night on our way home. But it was still so hard to leave.
We stayed at grandma and grandpas for the week. 

We had so much fun visiting with Grandma French Fry...

And seeing Uncle Nathan, Aunt Taylor and our niece Lucille.

And then back to see Chloe!! 

And boy did we miss her.. She stayed with us at our hotel this time. And it was so nice to have almost all of our kiddos together again.

Mia had a really had time saying goodbye. She was convinced she was staying.

It was a fabulous time but I will admit I can not imagine traveling in a 12 passenger with 11 people for our next trip to Texas. A 15 passenger will most likely be in our future.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

{Documenting Chaos}

Thought I would document my day...
Many people have said many things
'How do you do it?' That ones easy.. I don't.
'Must be nice to stay home and not have to work'--- Hahaahh good one.
So I documented my day...

It is 11;52.... We have sat at the table since 9:02... Paul is done with school. Camye had done math. Blake has done English. I have sat here and done lessons plans. 
Here are a few messes I see as I look around. My little three are having a blast.

Still working at table... No lunch.. Hoping to get it by 1pm. Paul did finish everything. Blake, Camye and I are still at it. But I look up to find this...

Yes such a mess... Paints.. Sticker letters..books... An IV that the hosptial still won't pick up after 3 Advocare chargers... 

Quit school for the day at 1:52. Still not done. Did a quick clean up. Fixed lunch. Cades meds. Moved 415,621 boxes out of the pouring rain.. Thank you fed ex man. Headed to two different pharmacies to get Cades meds. Mail bags at ups. Mail stuff at PO. 

Oops... Slight problem at home even though only 3 kids were there.

Post office later. Everything else done. But it's now 3:50... And I need to get home to start supper at 4:15. And the loveofmylife gets home at 4:15. 

But my kids surprised me with a super clean school/dining room! Yay!

This blog is to say.. 

I don't do it all.

I don't have the awesome clean, perfect settings for Instagram, Facebook or Blogs.

Life is chaos. But documenting my day.. Sure made me realize... I love my chaos. I am going to embrace my chaos.

I am enjoying the messes that won't always be.

I am choosing to realize that life is what you make it.

As I look around at the 5 kids snuggled in my bed... This is exactly what I love.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why? Why not a son?

I am trying to keep it together.

I am trying really hard to not ask God why.

Why is it taking it so long?

Why is he so perfect yet no one os going for him? Did you know the majority of children waiting in china, are BOYS?

He may not be the fastest.
He may not be the cutest.
He may not be the teachers pet. 
He may not have the most vibrant personality.
He may not have had the opportunities that most children have.

But I do know he is full of compassion. My 4 yeAr old had a PICC line while he away here. My 6 year old tripped over it. This little boy.... 

Yes that one... Up there. He carried my sons PICC line back to me. Ever so carefully with my son beside him. Careful to never pull on it.

No parent ever taught him that. 
He is naturally a compassionate and kind child.

Typically... Children come out of orphanages with some hoarding food issues... Low tone issues... Why??? Because they have never been given a chance.

If I could bring home 3... Right now. I would do it.

But I believe he is has a family who will adopt him... Much sooner than we could. 

Please please share this! Where are the 50 people who PMed me while he was here?
He is still waiting.
He is still going to sleep alone every night.
Dreaming of a family.
A family he begged for.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

~Vegetable Soup~

My favorite time to cook and bake is in the Fall.
After busting, my crock pot yet saving my soup.. I was asked to share my recipe. This is my own recipe as we are a large family... Hubby can't have tomatoe based foods because of reflux... And we like to eat it as left overs.

1 7 pound roast(shredded after cooking 10 hours in crock pot)
6 large potatoes, cubed
1 onion, diced
Lots of carrots and celery, diced
3 cans of diced tomatoes
4 cans of corn
4 cans of green beans
2 cans of peas
2 bags of frozen Lima beans
2 boxes of beef broth
1 small can of tomatoe paste
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook in very large pot until tender.

We shred the roast instead of chunks because we hate chunks of meat. Just a preference! 


Monday, September 8, 2014

Christian Chronicle--- finally!

Back in August 2012, while our daughter Gina was here being hosted from China. A friend from Christian Chronicle came to visit and interview our family. 
We wrote back and forth. Rewrote the article. Things quickly changed. Gina went back to China. We went to Korea twice. Cade came home. Homestudy was started and the list goes on and on.

But at Gods perfect time.. I finally had time to sit and write. But before I could finish my writing... Cade got sick.. Very sick. Our adoption agency called and Surprise! Gina's file is ready and another surprise.. We will approve you for two from China .... And just like that God chose to reveal our daughter Sage.

And then the words came to me... To write this article.

I haven't even seen it yet but friends are messaging me. I am so excited to share our story in this incredible publication.

If you have an extra copy... Please email me I would love to send you a self addressed envelope to receive one for each of my kids.

God bless!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Here we go....

This is it.

She made the decision go to Harding only last year at about this time.


I am not sure how I can leave her here 13 hours away after 13 years of homeschooling my baby/little girl/daughter/right hand man/ best friend. But it is time for this incredible daughter of mine to spread her wings.

We had a 'interesting' ride here. What should have taken 13 hours.. Took 20 1/2 hours.

We left at5am. 

After about 2 hours, we thought something sounded off with our car. After 6 hours, of babying it up and down West Virginia hills... Unable to talk because we couldn't hear one another... It was getting worse. Found a little shop called Exhust Pro and found out our exhaust had two holes in it? Odd and our Mass Air flow fuse/knob/ Was unplugged. Yes unplugged. The mechanic said someone had to purposely do that. Okay.. No clue how to process that information.

So we were in the middle of no where and got the best pedicures of our lives aka massage/punching of our legs and feet. Not joking.

Once that was fixed and our toes were done... We had bike issues.

And that meant many stops and many views like this.

But we arrived at Harding.... And it is gorgoeus. Absolutely beautiful.

Then we checked into her dorm.... So glad we got to check in early. I can not imagine how crazy this will
Be tomorrow

I am not sure how my departure will look.:( 

She is rooming with her longtime BFF from home. 

Her dorm was awesome! It's all girls dorm. While we were working on her room... Over the intercom it said 'man on all floors.' I loved that.. So if all these girls were running around naked or immodestly. They all had a chance to go put some clothes on. Perk-- of attending a Christian college.

To be continued.... My heart just can't go there yet with how we are feeling. I feel like my entire being for 18 years has been focusing on her... Helping her... Encouraging her.. Loving her... And I feel like it comes down to these last moments. 
I know I will still be doing all these things... But it will be different. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

You know you shouldn't be hosting an orphan if... don't realize the goal is for the child to find a home. think it will increase your blog traffic. might get more Instagram followers. think it will be easy and fun. aren't prepared to WORK your rearend off before, during and after this child is here. Especially during... think you are blessing the child. The child will bless you. aren't willing to advocate until that child has a home. I repeat.... UNTIL that child has a home.

...reread the point above .. Again. don't realize this child has a future and you aren't equipping him for the future... You are Finding she or he a home.

... This child will most likely be devastated when they leave. has NOTHING to do with you and all about the child. They are not here to give you a jewel in your crown. think it is the 'in' thing to do.

...if this blog makes you mad.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sagelyn Faith

Several people have asked me to share my story of how Sage came to be.

We haven't met her.
We have one photo....and it's 4 years old.
We have 1 page of information on her.
We don't know if she's in a foster home or orphanage.

Through a tragic event in our life... My husband and I both felt we had a daughter born in 2004 and we were to name her Sage. We chose Sagelyn Faith because of 4 special people in our lives my incredible mother in law Diana Lynn, my beloved aunt Lynne( my dads sister) who went to heaven after a battle with cancer, my beautiful sister in law Kimberly Lynn and my sweet cousin Erin Lynne. We chose Faith simply because we just don't know much about our sweet girl other than we have faith she is ours.

Many wanted to know how did we find may not know this but there are over 2,000 children waiting on the shared list. Some with severe needs some with none. She has waited on that list for 4 years. With only one paragraph written about her in 2012... And we got one last month.

So no exciting 'found ya' story... Just a sweet girl who our agency was advocating for. And we just knew. She is a Rogers.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

He left today...

This is a very sweet boy 11 year old boy that my friend hosted. He returned to Chin@ today.
He doesn't have a family....

He is active and likes to try new things.  He is considerate of others and helpful around the house when asked.  He is a very good athlete and loves to do flips, and other tumbling activities.  He loves a bike and rip-stick as well. He has very good hand-eye coordination.  After 4 weeks at the pool, he has learned how to swim and dive!! He is very mechanical and likes to figure out how everything works.  
He is a good eater.  He loves pizza, cheeseburgers, Spanish rice, chips and salsa, French fries, and noodles.  His very favorite thing to eat is Pineapple! He enjoyed all fruits, and vegetables.
Like any other 11 year old boy, he enjoyed electronics.  But always asked before using any and when Was told no, or he had enough time on them, he was always very obedient and put them away. He does not particularly like TV.  He would rather be doing something more active...whether that was video games or outside activities, or puzzles.   
After only one month in the U.S., he spoke some basic English phrases and would use them readily.  
He bonded well with both host mom and dad.  He particularly liked his older brothers.  He had one younger host brother who was 4.  He generally was very kind to him, but was a little annoyed but nothing unusual for his age. His host family believes he could thrive in a family here in America.  He also loved both our cat and dog.  He loved the song  Gangnum Style and would dance to it and always say it to make our 4 year old smile!
He has no known special needs.  He had a perfect check up at the dentist and eye doctor. He has very good personal hygiene.
His file is with Great Wall.  For more information about his file you can contact Jeanne.  Her phone number is 
tel:512.323.9595;3091For more information about my friends experience with him, feel free to contact my friend at or private message my friend on FB at Karen Brackeen Graham.